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PT Central Omega Resources Indonesia

PT Central Omega Resources Indonesia
The Company was incorporated on February 22, 1995 under the name PT Duta Kirana Finance as a multy finance company engaged in the business includes Leasing, Factoring, Consumer Finance and Credit Card.
Since its establishment, the Company has undergone several alteration of name and business fields. At this time the Company is engaged in Mining and Trading of Mining Products.
The passage of the Company since its establishment until to date is as follows:

1995 :
Establishment of the company by the name of PT.Duta Kirana Finance engaged in financial services.
1999 :
Initial Public Offering 26.000.000 shares at price of Rp 500 per share. Listing of all shares on the Surabaya Stock Exchange for trading with code DKFT.
2008 :
Along with the merger process of the Surabaya Stock Exchange and Jakarta Stock Exchange into the Indonesia Stock Exchange, DKFT shares listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Increased its suscribed and fully paid up capital through issuance of share without preemptive rights to PT. Jinsheng Mining for 44.034.000 shares par value Rp 500 per share.
Renamed its name into PT.Central Omega Resources Tbk.
Changing the business field into Mining and Trading Company.
2011 :
Issued capital accretion as base of 156.000.000 shares to 4.000.000,000 shares with a nominal value of Rp 500 per share.
Rights issue of 983.736.000 shares at an exercise price of Rp 1,000 to increase the issued and paid up capital of 109.304.000 shares to shares with nominal price of Rp. 500.
A total of 36,434,666 warrants issued at an implementation price of Rp 1,250, whereby shareholders who exercise the rights for every 27 shares obtain the right to 1 sheet of warrant.
2012 :
The Company conducted a corporate action in the form of stock split with a ratio of 1 : 5. Due to this, the previous share price of Rp 500 per share was changed to Rp 100 per share.
2013 :
The Company established PT COR Industri Indonesia as a company that will conduct its nickel pig iron project in Central Sulawesi