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PT Monokem Surya

PT Monokem Surya
PT. MONOKEM SURYA is a private, 100 % Indonesian-owned-company specializes in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals for ink and textile, zircon and ilmenite. Starting 2013; Monokem is focusing more on the development of the zircon products. With office headquartered in Jakarta, and the spacious 60,000 square-meter production facilities are strategically located in the region of Rengas Dengklok, Karawang, West of Java.
In the beginning of 2008, we started solely with the mining and purification of zircon sand to its purity content of 65 % minimum. From our modest beginnings, we have now expanded our product range to zircon flour and micronized zirconium silicate. Our products are widely used in ceramic tile, sanitary ware, tableware, foundry, refractory and other chemicals. They are available in various particle sizes range from 60 mesh to 5 micron.
Monokem is proud of its standing as zircon product manufacturer in Indonesia, coupling its environmentally sound production facilities with flexible services tailored to meet the customers` needs. Our emphasis on consistency in both product quality and optimized services has brought us achievement as a renowned worldwide supplier in the industry we are in.
We pledge to continue in delivering of value added products and services by never ending refinement of our capabilities and capacities in view of our being as a trusted global supplier in our line of business.